How to Make Cannabutter: The Full Guide

—-Intended for the 18 & over—-

What’s the magic ingredient in cannabis edibles? Cannabutter! #edibles
How to Make Cannabutter: The Full Guide
00:11 How to use Cannabutter;
00:54 Ingredients and tools;
01:17 Calculate Dosage;
01:40 Decarboxylation;
02:39 Making the butter;
04:20 How to use Cannabutter;
04:35 How to store Cannabutter;
04:43 Don’t Forget! It’s 4:20 Somewhere;

Making cannabis-infused edibles is something every marijuana consumer feels tempted to try at least once. And while you can probably purchase pre-cooked edibles at a nearby coffee shop, depending on your country of residence, making your own homemade edibles is a fun experience for sure. This is, of course, unless you end up burning your buds, or worse, feeling absolutely nothing.

Sebastian Good shows you a great recipe for Cannabutter which can be used to make all sorts of edibles.


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