On this episode of Let’s be Blunt, Montel talks with Firstman. He is a founding member of Life Is A Ceremony retreats where healers, shamans, artists, change makers, and more, commune in nature’s wisdom, hold space for personal development and solve systemic issues within a village of elders among the glory of Jamaica’s most potent and powerful resources: visionary plants, the healing powers of nature, and the unique wisdom held within Rastafari Indigenous Village. Firstman has had a long career as a community organizer and cannabis freedom activist; serving as a charter member of the Jamaican Ganja Task Force; as the Chair of the first Ganja Advisory Committee to the Government of Jamaica; and as a Co-founder of the Rastafari and Grass Roots Growers Association. He is one of the original founders of Rastafari Indigenous Village; a father, drummer, chanter, singer, songwriter, and orator.
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