Scouting cornfield guerilla grow spot Royal Dane IBL 2023 heirloom Danish cannabis strain outdoor

Scouting a guerilla grow spot for Royal Dane IBL heirloom Cannabis strain outdoor from my car.
Guerilla spot found and i later planted Royal Danes in the corn at night.
Seeds will be available later at:
Current and future CLBA Seeds resellers:
www seedheaven org
and more to come

Current strains for this season:
Ak 47, SmokeshopDK, fem
Beast, Cphseeds, fem
Cheese auto, Danes Strain, auto reg
Chemdog, nordland seeds, fem
Columbian jack, kannabia, fem
Copenhagen Kush project, cphseeds, Cup winner, 30% thc, fem
Copenhagen Kush S1, cphseeds, Cup winner, 30% thc, fem
Girl scout cookies, nordland seeds, fem
Girl scout cookies, nordlands seeds, auto fem
Gorilla glue, nordlands seeds, fem
Guerilla Gold 3, reg
Gungner, Northernseeds, reg
Leb27, HFH, reg
OG Kush, nordlands seeds, fem
Royal dane, indica feno, HFH, reg
Skunk#1, Sensi Seeds, reg
Strawberry banana, fast fem
Vanilla Frosting, Anesia, fem
Ydrassil, Northernseeds, reg

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