Body Brushing & Oiling Essentials!

Hi I’m Symentha and today I’m sharing the many health benefits of body brushing and oiling!
We shed a tremendous amount of dead skin cells hourly. Body brushing can not only help to get rid of these cells but also open up the pores to release more toxins. It can also can stimulate the lymphatic system, can help with cellulite and can also increase circulation.

Dry brushing has been around for 5000 years as part of the Ayurveda teachings and the Art of Living traditions.

By using a natural dry brush, you can enjoy the benefits of exfoliating the skin and helping it breath and release more toxins and feel rejuvenated.

I also want to state that if you have sensitive skin, just go a little lighter and more gently until your skin gets stronger and is not as sensitive to the bristles of the brush. If you also have a rash, broken skin or any cuts or wounds, to just avoid hurting or aggravating those areas until healed.

Steps to Body Brush:

*the goal is to start from your right foot which is the bottom of your lymph system and brush the body all the way up up up to the left side of the throat or to the heart area.

-Start with the right foot and brush in upward strokes all the way up to the hip, then do the other side.

-Brush in upward strokes until you get to the stomach where you will go in anti clockwise motion and move in circles from the ascending colon to the descending colon.

-Next brush the front and back of the hands and arms – dont forget your back! I use a longer brush for those hard to reach areas.

-Remember to get the face and neck and chest – brushing every thing towards the heart and the left side of the neck.

Next – is Body Oiling. In Ayurveda the term is called: Abhyanga – aka, lovingly oiling the body.
In the video I am using our beautiful and luxurious ALLURE CBD BODY OIL !
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*I also highly recommend using the Magnesium Spray Oil that you can find here:

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The benefits of our Trans-dermal Magnesium Oil Spray:

Nerve and muscle function
Support for a healthy immune system
Heart health and keep a steady beat
Bone density and keep them strong
Essential nutrient for cell growth
Offers assistance with insomnia
Muscle recovery and cramping
Brain and memory recall issues
Energy levels
Reduce acid reflux
Boost serotonin levels in the brain

Magnesium Chloride Oil (approx 1000 mg. per 5 ml/1 tsp)
Organic Rose & Lavender Essential Oil
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
Trace Minerals

Some of the benefits of Trans-dermal Magnesium Oil Spray:

Topical Magnesium Spray, is the most bio-available way to get this vital mineral into the skin immediately. It supports bone, joint and skin health and many other body functions, including maintaining cardiovascular and metabolic health. It works by increasing the blood flow to the muscles, this is how it helps relax them and to ease tension in joints and tendons, reducing pain and helping you to feel calmer.

120 ml spray bottle

Usage: Spray on sore muscles 20-30 sprays

Suggested Use: Each spray that comes out of our 8oz nozzle contains about 15 mg of magnesium. Spray on the bottoms of your feet, legs, arms, and torso before bed. Avoid mucus membranes and open cuts (don’t use after shaving, it WILL sting), and wash hands after applying – you don’t want to accidentally get this in your eyes. This spray may tingle when you apply it. If you feel tingling, this is because your body is depleted of minerals. This is normal and will occur less and less over time. If it bothers you, try and let it sit on your skin for at least 20 mins, then you can jump in the shower and rinse it off as it will have absorbed into the skin.

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