The Truth Revealed: Unbelievable Health Benefits of Using Lard

The Truth Revealed: Unbelievable Health Benefits of Using Lard
Farrow Total Skincare
Good for your skin and for the planet

Farrow Skincare was developed by Charles Mayfield, healthy living evangelist and owner of Mayfield Pastures in Athens, TN. Farrow products are made with simple, clean, chemical- and toxin-free ingredients. The initial launch includes SkinFood and FaceFood creams and our Skincare Elixir, a CBD product taken sublingually. Together, our total skincare bundle promotes healthy skin from the outside in and the inside out. The SmartLard™ used in Farrow creams is exclusively sourced from regenerative farms to deliver the maximum benefit from naturally occurring vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

Farrow Skincare launched in January 2022 after nearly 24 months of product testing and formulation. The company is projecting to reach 400 subscribers for its products by December 2022. Farrow is the first skincare product to enter the market with SmartLard™ as the primary active ingredient.

Farrow Skincare is available for sale at

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