Hi At 9 News : Wednesday July 19th, 2023

Welcome to High at Nine News.

With your hosts, Jason Beck & Rico Lamitte, joined by industry correspondents and daily antics from around the country.

We talk about important topics, shining light on global issues and discussing cannabis as it relates to: Politics, Regulation & Reform. Data & Technology. Science Research & Medicine. Family & Parenting. Art, Celebs & Entertainment. Fitness, Sports, Mental Health & Wellness, Plant Based Medicines & Entheogens. Together we are building a stronger community, fighting the stigma & creating change.

Coming to you live Monday through Friday at 9 AM Pacific time and High Noon on the East Coast. Thank you for getting High at 9 with us!

Rico Lamitte
Jason Beck
Gretchen Gailey
Saman Razani
Yarrow Kurbin

Today is National Words With Friends Day, National Hot Dog Day, National Daiquiri Day and International Retainer Day.

Trulieve Cannabis, Black entrepreneur trade barbs over alleged $24M debt

Canadian government to start testing legal, illegal marijuana

Justice Department Extends Public Comments Period On Marijuana Pardon Certificate Application

California Couple Asks Justices To Revisit Cannabis Policy Ruling

Gigi Hadid arrested in Cayman Islands for marijuana possession: ‘All’s well that ends well’

Philip Morris acquiring Cannabis inhaler developer Syqe Medical for up to $650 million

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