The Entourage Effect Of Cannabis

The Entourage Effect Of Cannabis
The Soil Matters With Luna Whitcomb @lunallday
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Luna Whitcomb has a brilliant mind and a depth of understanding of the interactions of biology with the plant that is next level. She is at the cutting edge with the research that she is doing with Cannabis and the living soil that she creates.

With the depth of knowledge that Luna Whitcomb just shared with Leighton and Av on how growing with biology and the different types of biology is a critical aspect that needs to be looked at, at a much deeper level, not just for Cannabis but for all plants, it is no wonder that I told her that she is writing the book that we will all follow.

This is cutting-edge information, and Luna is 100% correct that we need to make sure we are using the right language on the science end so that anyone can take the information and run the same tests.

Luna is an all-organic, living soil, probiotic, natural farmer, and grower. Writer for SKUNK magazine and administrator for cannabis education groups. She specializes in soil biology and homemade plant inputs. Luna’s methodology focuses on plant health and vigor, from ferments to extracts and enzymes.

Today’s Guest: Luna Whitcomb

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