THC Infused Drinks, Baked Goods and Gummies! THC, CBG, CBN and CBD. 3 Resin Penjamins Cannabis Jon.

THC, CBG, CBN and CBD Infused Baked Goods, Drinks and Gummies!
Live Resin Penjamin Samplers by Misku: Star Struck 0:50, Sweet Island Breeze 15:50, Moon Mist 22:35 Fire carts with amazing natural plant flavors!
Every Morning Edibles! 2:37
Every Night Edibles! 3:19
Daily Microdosing Edibles! 3:58
Chill Day Edible Dosing! 12:12
Thank you to Master Fulcrum 23:22
Trippy slo-mo vape 25:55
Stoner Edible Stories! 30:23
Cannabis Jon Episode Twelve.
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