The Secret to Hawaii’s Soil : Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust in No Till Cannabis Farming and Breeding

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sup buds its z here to show you my organnabis My channel is an EXPLAINED/BEGINNERS GUIDE on how to grow Organic Indoor Top Shelf Weed in no till living soil.
in this episode im going to be going over some of the amazing benefits of one of the best orgganic ingredients for any garden especially a no till situation. Basalt Rock Dust and how its paramagnetic properties lead to more nutrient dense crops including cannabis. I will be talking about the importance of a paramagnetic soil and how it aliggns with the earths magnetic field to enhance energy exchange capabilities with diamagnetic plants to enhance the yin and yang relationship between the two.

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There are many great premade mixes out there but i like to know exactly what is in my soil so i create my Compost in small scale hand crafted batches with majority of ingredients from down to earth ammendments using @Coastofmaine bar harbor blend with added nutrients and my “Black Gold” compost and periodic compost teas.
Coast of Maine is a great Local East Coast Based compost supplier with grade a products.
Down To Earth is a great company based in Oregon you can check their site to find a local supplier near you and support a small business ( its also much cheaper that way than shipping to your house)



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If you really want to create something special the quality of your lights is important after all we are trying to replicate something as complex as the sun. their are a dozen or so decent brands now on the market and i ended up going with
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