Pheno Hunting Pot with Phenopredict Genomic Analysis and Weed Scientist Austin Sheppe

Cannabis genomics scientist Austin Sheppe, PhD, discusses pheno hunting pot and Phenopredict technolgoy for home growers and cannabis breeders with Marc Eden of the Brothers Grimm Seeds and Friends Podcast. Genomic analysis via Phenopredict is a cutting edge and cost effective technology.

The future of pot strains is genetic verification through genomic analysis. Take for instance when “XXX” claims to sell “premium” cultivars and strains, but what they’re selling is 100% unverified genetics. Bogus seed companies repackage and sell wholesale cannabis seeds under popular cultivar names with the goal of scamming growers. Unsuspecting customers think they are buying that new hot strain, however, they often get sent a hermie-prone pot seeds that do not have the claimed lineage and genetics. Genetic verification for cannabis strains is the only way to prevent these problems.

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