cannabis seed germination, water cup method

In this video we show our friends & growmies how we germinate using regular R/O or even Tap water!

1. Drop seeds into cup

2. Place heat mat under cup

3. Place mat & cup in DARK area

4. Push seeds down to bottom of glass (may take a few hours/day to soak before falling to the bottom)

5. After 24-48/hrs (rare occasions 72hrs.) the seed shell will crack, check seeds to ensure they have cracked open.

6. Once the seeds shell has cracked open you should transplant that seed into a plug or directly into your growing medium. (even if a tap root isn’t visible)

7. Give seedlings ???? a good amount of humidity for the first few days & continue to check on them regularly. If your seeds are not popping through your soil, make sure they are in a DARK area through the germination process!

*we do not use the paper towel method*


Check in w/ Shoreganix LLC (founders of the Jersey Cannabis Network) & let us know how we can help you grow better or what genetics your working with!


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