This Week in Cannabis News – Mar 6 to Mar 12 2023

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Mid Week Update:
Cresco, CC & Verano Q3:
Trulieve Q4:
Ayr Q3:
Curaleaf Q3:
Correction: @2:47 – LPs Making 10M CAD Revenue From Med Only, Not Profit

Safe Banking Action Alert, Contact Your State Reps and Demand Passing #safebanking :

Data on Med Benefits:
Past Gov Studies Designed to Find Harms That Came Up Short:
World’s Largest Cannabis Library:

Intro – 00:40 – 2nd Source Shares Plan to Unveil Banking Bill? – 1:20 – Cantor Fitz on News
2:15 – Same Cantor with More on Cole Memo 2 / SAFE – 3:23 – Congressmen Call on Biden
3:55 – Is Descheduling / Rescheduling Even Possible With Gov Agencies In the Way?
4:15 – Can Gets Kicked Back & Forth as No Agency Willing to Do the Right Thing
5:15 – Because of Outdated Act of Congress / UN Agreement? – 6:30 – History Lesson:
Why The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was a Failure – 6:51 – And the Evil Scum That Implemented the Backwards International Drug Policies Still in Place Today
8:23 – Harry J. Anslinger, a Sad Stain on Humanity – 8:32 – OK Supporters Drop from 2018…
9:10 – Too Bad, But We Get HI & DE in the Meantime! – 9:40 – More on DE Approves Bills
10:20 – MD Update, Regulatory Framework on Track for July 1 2023 – 10:50 – Ayr Q4 Report
12:34 – Ayr Earnings Breakdown via Cannavestments – 13:05 – And Trulieve Q4 Breakdown
13:32 – MSOs Help More Entrepreneurs in Legal States than State Reps, Verano in CT
14:40 – While SSO Virtue Signals in Name of Equity as they Commit Fraud, Break Laws…
14:55 – CT Cannabis Trends via – 15:26 – PA Update: Cannabis in Budget?
15:45 – FL Adds 2,726 Patients – 16:43 – Trulieve CEO Says FL Adult Use Polling 70% Now
17:30 – TX Lawmakers Pass Decrim Bill, How About Legal Market to Compete with Gray?
18:15 – RIP Professor Raphael Mechoulam, The Father of Cannabis Research, Thank You
18:55 – Study Finds CBD May Inhibit Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth, Reason to Deschedule?
19:20 – Spain to Quadruple Canna Production, But Apparently Not Enough? LOL Why…


More Than A Dozen Congressional Lawmakers Demand Transparency In Marijuana Scheduling Review By Biden Administration

Delaware House Approves Marijuana Sales Bill Days After Passing Complementary Legalization Measure

Maryland House Approves Bill To Regulate Marijuana Sales As Senators Hold Hearing On Companion Version

Pennsylvania Governor Calls For Marijuana Legalization In Budget Request As Lawmakers Prepare Reform Bills

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