HØJ KØL Pipe | Unboxing and Review

Unboxing, taking a look at and testing out the HØJ KØL – This thing is SHARP looking..

Really nice pipe here. The KØL from the Danish company HØJ.life hits really smoothly with a very nice draw/pull that is restricted but flowing for a perfect burn. The cooling effect from the Mako Shark Fin internal design really does cool and filter the smoke and you never have to worry about ash or worse, fireballs sucking through to your throat. The screen filters are sturdy and will seem to last a long time.

-beautiful weight, high quality
-sleep design and craftsmanship
-easily cleaned
-super smooth hits
-no fireball ash shooting into your throat!
-nice bowl size – a solid 0.2g-0.3g bowl!
-comes in 4.4″ and 5.9″ sizes
-screen/filters are very durable
-awesome case
-sustainable recycled aluminum and SS screens
-sustainable packaging

Featured Strain: Jet Fuel (S) 19.5%

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