CBD & Skincare: Developing Organic CBD Products To Live Better Lives

All things around in our environment are absorbed through our skin. Especially those we apply directly, like make-up, lotions, skincare etc. As such, we need to be careful not to put chemicals in our bodies because of their negative effects. This is why Valorie Young is committed to creating organic CBD products to help us live better lives.

Valorie Young is the Co-Founder of Uncle Yogi’s, a wellness and skincare company that offers high-quality, non-chemical, and all-organic ingredients formulated specifically to deliver a safe and beneficial effect to our bodies.

With her dedication to giving customers a better living without chemicals and developing quality products, she is helping to educate people about the effectiveness of CBD in skincare compared to chemically loaded products.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about Valorie Young’s dedication to spreading the benefits of CBD in skincare and medicine, the negative effects of chemicals, and why less is best in the formulation.

Topics discussed in this episode:

● Valorie Young’s unforgettable path toward her company, Uncle Yogi’s
● Challenges in researching cannabis
● Adversities faced in creating Uncle Yogi’s
● What is the benefit of CBD to skincare?
● The effectiveness of Uncle Yogi’s products
● Negative effects of chemicals in skincare
● Why is less best in formulation?
● Upcoming plans for Uncle Yogi’s
● Valories piece of advice in formulating
● Valorie Young’s definition of success

Contact Valorie Young on LinkedIn and check out her podcast, The Goat Smoke! Learn more about her brand, Uncle Yogi’s: https://uncleyogis.com/

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