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Kronic gets to the bottom of what a fast version cannabis seed is and busts some myths that have come about with fast versions! So pack that bowl, drop a nice dab, and let’s get into come crazy cannabis content! Let’s begin!

There are a lot of misconceptions about what fast version weed plants are and marijuana growers who purchase them not fully understanding what the plant is and vegging them too large for their space thinking they will automatically flower.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. is America’s premium seed bank, but we don’t just stop at supplying growers with top quality cannabis seeds. We publish a wealth of educational content in conjunction with some of our closest collaborators, such as Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo and Swami Chaitanya who will help you learn how to grow weed.

We want to teach our customers how to grow marijuana, growing cannabis can be an intimidating adventure but we’re here to help. Join host Kronic as he shows you everything you need to know about growing marijuana plants. Want weed growing instructions? Look no further!

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