How to plant marijuana, weed or Cannabis Seeds, Best method and hack for strong and healthy


This is a follow up video to how to germinate seeds on our channel. Once your seeds open and have a single sprout called the tap root, they are ready to plant. You want to make sure that your hands are sterile so wash them with some soap or rub some alcohol on them. There are many ways to plant these seeds but Im gonna show you my personal favorite which is using Rapid Rooters and seedling trays. The rapid rooters feel like moist sponges and they have a hole on the top for you to drop seeds in. I’m gonna use one rapid rooter per seed and place them into the seedling tray by wrexat. This dome will retain humidity for the sproutlings and make the perfect environment for them to have a strong start. I like to use a toothpick on the rapid rooters to make sure the hole doesn’t have any obstacles. Just poke the hole and make sure it could go down about an inch. Once you verify that its clear, you can grab a sprouted seed with your hands and insert it into the hole. Make sure that the tap root is facing down and you could use the toothpick to gently tap it, about an inch down into the hole. Just keep making sure the root is still pointing downwards. After you plant the seed, you can pinch a tiny piece of rapid rooter from the edge to plug the hole in. The benefits of the rapid rooter is that it creates a solid base for the center of the root system which in turn will help your plants stand tall. Once all the seeds are in, you could spray some pH balanced water all around the tray and cover to boost the humidity in the dome. Now you want to place this tray in your grow tent or a sunny window in a warm room.

Link to Rapid Rooters:
Link to Wrexat Seedling Trays:

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