How to Germinate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Glass of Water

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Seed germination is the first part of a successful grow cycle, to help you start your cannabis plants with the right foot, here’s an autoflower germination guide that can be used not only for cannabis but for tomatoes, mangos, strawberries… you name it!

After many years of experimenting and looking for the best way to germinate our Fast Buds seeds, we must say that this is definitely one of the most effective ways.
This method is especially effective for seeds with a harder shell or older seeds. You’ll need:
– Glass cup;
– Water;

As the title says, grab a glass cup and fill it half with water.
Place the seeds in the glass and leave it in a dark place, let the seeds soak for up to 32 hou
Most viable seeds will sink after a couple of hours and you should see the radicle after a couple of days.

Remember that some seeds may need longer until you see the radicle coming out.

If they haven’t sprouted after 72 hours, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to kill accumulated bacteria in the water and return to the darkness for 2 more days.

There’s no such thing as the best way to germinate marijuana seeds, a successful germination is considered when you see the first leaves, known as Cotyledons, cannabis seeds germinate correctly with relatively high temperatures and humidity. To successfully reach the flowering stage you’ll have to use different techniques, not only for sprouting but to keep the plant happy and healthy until harvest.

Whether deciding which germination method to choose or getting ready for your first successful grow setup, our advice for beginner growers will be to start with autoflowering strains. If you look for something easy, quick, and easy to maintain, like Zkittlez Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto, there’s nothing better than choosing to grow autoflowers.

How to Germinate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Glass of Water:
00:17 What to start with?
00:46 After 12 hours;
00:51 After 48 hours;
01:01 After 72 hours;
01:30 After 96 hours;
01:37 After 120 hours;
02:04 After 132 hours;
02:10 After 140 hours;
02:17 After 156 hours;
02:34 After 168 hours;
02:58 Don’t forget! It’s 4:20 somewhere!

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