Natural Cannabis Seed Breeding

Natural Cannabis Seed Breeding

Male and Female Plants
Growing both a male and female plants at the same time can allow for the production of seeds.

Male Plants
Male plants typically mature before the female plants to help ensure that pollen will be ready as the females mature
Pollen is wind transferred so often there can be a lot of pollen produced
For indoor operations: The pollen can get into ventilation systems
For outdoor locations: The pollen can travel from one field to another

Female Plants
Pollinating them will cause a shift in the plants energy to seeds
This will reduce the production of cannabinoids and terpenes

Plant Timing
Ensuring both the male and female plants need to be at the same stage of development to help increase the odds of a successful pollination
For indoor applications this can be potential achieved by photoperiod adjustments

Different Strains Can be Bred
Often different strains will be bred together to create a hybrid with the intention to get the best of both original plants in one.
This will result in offspring’s that will have increased variability
This can be many different traits.
Ex. Desired plant morphology and preferred chemical profile
Ex. Autoflowering and preferred chemical profile

Theoretical Does Not Always = Observed
Sometimes you get what you want, other times it does not work out.

Ex. If you have a tall plant with great chemical profile and a plant that is short with poor chemical profile and you cross them you may get.

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