Entourage Effect QUICK FACTS: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, THC, CBD, CBDa

Entourage Effect QUICK FACTS: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, THC, CBD, CBDa
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• CBD has been known to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function, and the regeneration of healthy cells, and promote a sense of serenity, and overall well-being.

• Our 10xPure, Full Spectrum, and Isolate oral drops, can be used topically. Each have their own unique beneficial components, and it is up to the consumer or their primary care physician, to decide which product is right for them.

10xPure, has less than .03% THC.
Full Spectrum, has less than .03% THC.

This is one of the main differences in these oils.

• Each of these oils are made from organic, non-GMO industrial hemp plants. Our manufacturer is GMP, (Good Manufacturing Practices), Certified. Know that when you order with CTFO, you’re getting the highest quality, purest CBD. These truly are the best products on the market.

• Even the Full Spectrum Drops have less than .03% THC in them. This is a result of an additional extraction process we have chosen to incorporate, that removes even more traces of THC in the oil, while retaining all the other beneficial cannabinoids. Our Extraction technology allows us to extract all, or some of nutrients, without using any heat or harmful solvents, and in a naturally synergistic, easy-to-use, easy-to-absorb form. The result is a whole, food grade product, with exceptional nutritional qualities.
• CBD is created when the naturally occurring CBDa, (cannabidiolic acid) is processed, especially when heated during extraction. CBDa has been found to have more anti-inflammatory properties than CBD, as it is a potent inhibitor of COX-2, which is the same mode of action as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

• In early testing, “10x PURE” Super​​​​charged CBD Oil, has been shown to maintain and protect the integrity of CBDa, which has been shown to be more effective than CBD.

• No matter how good the quality of a product, without penetration and absorption of the key ingredients, you can end up with a wasteful application, and reduced potency.

• This supercharged Full Spectrum CBD Oil is Hydrophilic, meaning it can be mixed with water. It provides accelerated, increased absorption and potency, and acts as an anti-bacterial and probiotic.
Perfect for anyone wanting to treat severe health challenges, and regain optimal health.

• 10xPure is HYDROPHILIC: mixes with water.
• 10xPure is ACCELERATED: increased absorption and potency.
• 10xPure: SUPPORTS optimal health.

• There are more than 85 cannabinoids and phytonutrients present in our Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil. Full Spectrum Oil typically has about 16% to 23% CBD in it, and CBD is by far the most beneficial and result producing, healing cannabinoid in any Hemp Oil.  That’s why we combine Isolate and Full Spectrum oils, in with our Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil! This gives us a much higher potency of CBD Oil, while maintaining cannabinoids and phytonutrients, which all have additional healing benefits.

• We have recently modified our formula for our Full Spectrum Drops, so it is compliant with as many countries as possible WORLDWIDE. We are gearing up to make our products available in many other countries, and areas around the world. This is the first step.

• This means that our 4 Full Spectrum Drops are testing below the .03% THC maximum threshold required by the UK, and other EU countries, so we have made them available for everyone there.

• With Full Spectrum CBD oil products, you have the advantage of something called the “Entourage Effect.” This is where all the cannabinoids and terpenes, are working together in synergy, something that Isolate products will lack. The Entourage Effect, or the additional benefits of Full Spectrum oil, occur with or without the presence of any single Cannabinoid or Terpene.

• When seeking out Full Spectrum products, you may come across some called “Broad Spectrum” that claim to have little to no THC. Some claim our oil is more like a broad spectrum oils; however, it can also accurately be called Full Spectrum, which more people are familiar with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Almost all drug tests are designed to test for the presence of any Terpenes and/or Cannabinoids, present in Marijuana, (or Hemp.) They are NOT specifically testing for THC. This means that even with a true ZERO THC product, like some of our products are, you can still test positive for a drug test. This is why we cannot guarantee any negative test results for people who are taking our products.

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