Seed to Harvest in 3 Minutes – Cannabis Timelapse

Turn on [CC] to see day numbers.

1 second of video = 10 hours real life growth. 78 days in total, seed to harvest.

This project was my first time making any video. Thank you so much for watching. 🥰

Music by a good friend.

Sweet Seeds Gorilla Girl XL Auto (autoflowering) grown in coco with General Hydroponics TriPart nutrients. 20/4 light cycle (4 hours of darkness per day removed from video). Lighting: 315w CMH, 3100K.

To make the video, a photo was taken every 10 minutes, and this is replayed at 60 frames per second (with the dark bits removed).

Time lapse shot with Olympus XZ1, still photos shot with EM10-iii. Edited with Shotcut.

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