Hemp Seed Milk Recipe -Dietitian Shreya

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Hemp milk is a plant based milk made by blending water with the seeds of the hemp plant. It has an earthy, nutty flavor and a creamy consistency.
It has numerous benefits along with the fact that it is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE like :
– It is rich in PROTEIN, CALCIUM, aids in DIGESTION, it is beneficial in SKIN DISORDERS, eases the body pain, helps in insomnia and many other benefits.
Now the important question arises that is it EXPENSIVE? Answer is NO! In 100 Gms hemp seed you can extract approximately 500 ml milk. The approximate costing is Rs. 50-60 for half a litre.
Do you know the goat milk which you purchase from market at the time of Dengue is somewhere around Rs. 250 per litre. Hence, why not go for a safer and healthier option.
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Let food be the medicine.
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