DIY Fresh Cucumber And Aloe Soap With Hemp Oil + Recipe Included (Natural Palm Free Soap Recipe)

Hello everyone! You may remember an old video of mine where I made fresh cucumber and aloe soap and shared the recipe! I thought it was high time to share a new cucumber and aloe soap and share the recipe. This recipe calls for beautiful and decadent skin loving oils like hemp seed oil and cocoa butter. It also has healing and anti-aging fresh aloe vera gel and cucumber. It is also a palm free recipe. Cucumber and aloe are amazing foods to add to your soap for their anti-inflammatory properties and gentleness. I hope you love this video and recipe.

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Recipe: (The Recipe Plus Full Written Tutorial Is Available On My Patreon Campaign):
This is a 5 pound recipe, I have included percentages so you can scale up or down as you like.

Sodium Hydroxide Lye: 7.90 ounces
Distilled Water 17.67 (reduce the water to 13.67 ounces to account for extra liquid added in the form of cucumber and aloe puree)
Avocado oil 7.13 ounces (12.96%)
Hemp seed oil 7.13 ounces (12.96%)
Olive oil 20.37 ounces (37.03%)
Castor oil 3.06 ounces (5.56%)
Deodorized cocoa butter 7.13 ounces (12.96%)
Coconut oil 76 degrees 10.19 ounces (18.52%)
Fresh aloe vera gel 2 ounces
Fresh cucumber 2 ounces
2.5 teaspoons of sodium lactate added to hot lye water
giggles fragrance oil (Nature’s Garden Candles)
Titanium dioxide dispersed in water
Savage garden mica
Emerald green mica

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