Clearing the smoke: Minorities push to take over CBD industry

The CBD industry is beginning to boom as CBD is starting to be used as a more natural way to treat health issues. But there’s a problem: The industry’s glaring lack of diversity.

One Charlotte couple is on a quest to change that, one transaction at a time.

CBD, although derived from cannabis, is not marijuana, nor is it a drug that gets you high. That’s THC. CBD is the opposite of that.

“It’s a cannabinoid that attaches to the receptors in our body that break down a lot of things like cancer to arthritis and diabetes,” said Wilfredo Rosa, one of the co-owners of Lavender House, Charlotte’s newest CBD shop in NoDa.

Those health benefits are why Rosa and his girlfriend, Lindsey Smith, swear by CBD. The other reason? Money.

The CBD business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, valued at $2.8 billion globally, according to Grand View Research. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the regulated production of hemp became legal in all 50 states. #WakeUpCLT #ForTheCulture #CBD


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