The Cannabis Chemical Rivalry // THC vs. CBD

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CBD and THC are the two most well known chemicals in cannabis. One is heralded as a cure-all miracle drug, whilst the other is scolded as the bad guy that gets you high. But is that dichotomy fair? And can scientists realistically do proper research into them? Feat. Lady Gaga, Oprah, and alternative Sophs.

00:00 Intro
00:52 The differences between THC and CBD
03:30 The pro-CBD picture – what’s it good for?
06:14 2 reasons THC’s bad reputation isn’t fair
08:20 Barriers to, and problems with, scientific research
11:09 My experience with CBD
13:07 Outtro, thanks, outtakes

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Main differences between THC and CBD (feat. the Lady Gaga quote)

Insights into scientific research of CBD and THC

CBD – rising star or popular fad?

Another article on not getting overexcited about CBD

The problem with defining products around THC content
(Includes CBD market valuation in the UK, and discussion of high number of different compounds in cannabis)

THC’s medicinal roles

Discussion of legal drugs produced from cannabinoids, and whether or not they mean a ‘win for weed’

The Entourage Effect

Medical research doesn’t reflect the day-to-day experiences of people self-medicating with cannabis

Dose-response curve (as mentioned in Nebula version)

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