Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-24-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-24-19

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Whats Up Growers!

So as we are walking into the last week of flower you will notice i do not have the SCROG completely filled. As you remember you want to have some gap on the sides and in the middle because the buds will fill in those gaps and give airflow. This is super important because you want some clean air moving around your bud sites.

We have some major plans for the grow room and i am still debating on how we are going to start stetting this room up. I have numerous sketches i am looking at in my book. But one thing is for SURE that the Autopot system is really doing its job in VEG. This is a whole new thought process i am having and i really cant say too many bad things about it at this point.

In the future i am looking into using some more of the Atuopot systems because it is really helping me save some time in the grow room. Just being able to focus on growing is everyone’s dream, so there inlays the good news.

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-24-19

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