Emerald Cup 2017 – Stop #16 – Aficionado Mendocino – Connoisseur Grade Designer Cannabis Seeds

No matter how you look at it, this all started from a seed, and a rather small seed at that. From the good times to the music, from relief to recreation, the whole cannabis culture owes it all to the little seed quietly growing in the dark damp soil beneath our feet.
Aficionado Mendocino understands this, and has been winning competitions for years with this very mentality. The cultivation for maximum potential and selective breeding of premium strains has led them to a recorded lineage of exclusive hybrids set to grow into even greater potency and flavor in the future. As their current connoisseur grade plants are bred with other select strains yet to be chosen, their already rich history will grow into a quality unparalleled by any other line. Like a fine wine set to age, these strains are only going to get better.
On their website, Aficionadoseeds.com, you can read about their achievements in competitions spanning nearly a decade and counting. Get to know some of their strains by reading their history and lineage, and even learn about the germination process so as to help ensure the good growth of your investment. Consult their Locations section to find the nearest distributor carrying their select seeds, or contact them directly through their Contact Us section of the site.
With so many people yet to visit and our time dwindling to a close, our trip reluctantly comes to an end and we say thank you and goodbye to the Emerald Cup for another year. To all the friends, acquaintances, and viewers made along the way, we say farewell. May we meet again in the celebrations of 2018, and until then be well. Thank you for watching, and remember, we at The Contact Buzz urge you, whether by edible, pouch, oil, extract, or flower, to please partake responsibly.

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