Grow Marijuana: 500-Gallon Containers 16 Inches Deep

Will, Vice President of the Oregon Sun Grower’s Association shows us a big outdoor marijuana garden in giant containers. He is growing a big variety of plants including, Pure Mendo Diesel x Pineapple and San Fernando Valley Kush marijuana.

Aggressive training, prune vegetation from inside of marijuana plant to encourage ventilation and force growth toward sun-loving marijuana buds. Unique qualities of climate are explored.

The 500-gallon grow bags are only 16 inches deep, the perfect depth for cannabis roots. 2.5-3 yards of soil per pot. They add 50% more soil to container each year. See how growers save money on soil!

Cost to fill 500-gallon pot with soil = $300, once soil is established, it costs $150 per year to amend soil.

Hard water full of calcium is treated when mixed with organic nutrients and soil. See how they brew their organic nutrients adding oxygen to grow anaerobic life.

Marijuana growers cool off in swimming pool!

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