Marijuana Edibles- Beginner Advice!

Edible Safety 101!

You want to go low and slow for the most enjoyable experience! Someone very new to marijuana should literally only take a single dose and perhaps even start off with a half of a dose! We all react very different to edibles and to know where you stand, take it one dose at a time! One dose of an edible is 10mg. Nervous for your first time? Just try 5mg! I absolutely love edibles and feel they enhance many activities! From enjoying the great outdoors to simply watching a movie, an edible can be a badass experience! If you have more of a tolerance like I do, it is likely you can eat and enjoy the higher mg’s. Your best bet is to just try small amounts at a time and wait it out to find your perfect dosage. Edibles also make great medication. Use for insomnia, pain management, irritability and more! Another thing to note– Experts suspect about 10% of the population don’t even react to edibles. Sorry if you are one of them!!!!!! Something about the way it processes through the liver…. I’d look more into it right now, but I’m winding down for the day and getting lazy haha Maybe a topic for another day…. One person can be ultra sensitive to edibles and have an almost trip-like experience, others can eat extremely high doses and not be effected. The magic of genetics! It’s something else…. Hope you enjoy this vid and please show to anyone visiting a dispensary for the first time!

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