5 Little Known Facts About Marijuana

Why does everyone smoke weed? What is the reason weed is so popular? When did weed become trending? Here are the main reasons weed is the number one drug of choice!

This video took me ages to make because *weed*.

Leave a comment in regards to the 5th potential reason, and a video about it could drop within the next decade!

P.s. The videos are usually 1 minute long, but for every month without a video, an extra minute is added. Legit.

On a serious side note, don’t do drugs kids. Also, the 4 points listed are totally not based on any studies or scientific data whatsoever. The arguments in this video have no solid backup and should be taken with a grain of salt, for comedy purposes.

Lil’ Bobby Bob-Bob was inspired by a favorite, now dead, meme of mine from a while ago called “hey man you see that guy over there?” created by florkofcows.
Some other characters in the video are inspired by shows, cartoons or movies, I think it is pretty obvious so mentioning it seems kind of useless.

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