How To Make The Best Marijuana Stem Tea!

“SHOUTOUT’S TO @MyStonerLife YouTube Channel for the recipe!”
Just add a half, level of coconut oil first. I forgot to mention that, during the first 10 minute boil. then add a handful of stem’s, break it up before you do what I said, earlier. Then add 1-2 teaspoon’s of coconut oil, or butter to it. I gentle boil it immediately add some cold water to i t. So as not to burn the oil. The oil cook’s at medium heat. Wait 20-40 minute’s, depending on your freshness of the stalk’s. If you break them, before you boil them it in the first 10 minute faze, it’ll force the tricome’s and CBD out of it. Do not add salt. One more thing, blend it up or whatever. I use silver screen’s huge size to filter the stalks after. I do NOT throw away the stalks after. You can eat it

This is not intended for minor’s, and this video is strictly Educational & Entertainment only. I have a License to smoke and I get Legal Weed from a Dispensary. I Strongly suggest if you’re over the age of 18, to buy from your local dispensary! Do not do drugs for fun, I do not. Drug’s aren’t cool, and I recommend not doing any drugs. For any reason! Enjoy the video and if you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel for more content! Leave a thumbs up if you like my vids 🙂 These video’s are intended for teaching people that Cannabis is not harmful. Especially if you need it(Like me), and for medical reason’s it does not harm people and these video’s are proof + documentation for anyone who is curious on learning about a substance, such as Marijuana. Watch as it never harms me. It *takes over 2500 pounds* in 15 minutes* to overdose*. No matter what this isn’t possible!! Don’t ask for any video’s for other types of substances, because I only smoke marijuana and it works. I don’t do actual drugs, and never will!! 🙂

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