Kara’s cannabis treatment for autism self agression

I live in Texas and illegally treat my daughter with high THC cannabis. We are telling our story in an effort to change Texas law.

Kara has always had a team of doctors. We continue to evaluate her treatment options. She currently takes 8 prescription medicines. We are not anti-doctor. Cannabis is the best medicine, by far, for halting acute behaviors.

This video shows a typical treatment and outcome. The treatment is vaporized cannabis. Vapor is not harmful. It is not smoke. High-THC cannabis treatments always work. They stop Kara’s acute behaviors 100% of the time. It stabilizes her mood within minutes. Her good mood usually lasts all day.

We’ve observed no developmental slippage or negative side effects. On the contrary, she’s made remarkable developmental progress over the last year. Improved awareness and focus. Gains in life skills.

Cannabis is a miracle for her.

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