10 Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

The regulation and decriminalization of Marijuana in some places around the world seems to have had a rather positive impact…
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It’s amazing how a simple little plant can cause so much drama, controversy, and chaos. What is interesting is that marijuana is one of the most natural plants in our world, but it is very illegal in many parts of the world. While the plant, which consists of THC, can make you high and feel a euphoric-like feeling, there have also been studies on the incredible benefits of marijuana. States like Colorado and Washington have recently made the plant legal, and they are experiencing benefits such as a drop in crime rates, and the taxes imposed on marijuana sales have helped local economies.
First off, marijuana has been researched extensively by medical experts, and it is concluded that the plant can not only help with easing pain (especially if you are dealing with cancer), but it can also help with regenerated and revamping your cells and make your body stronger in fighting against illnesses and diseases. Given that marijuana has flexibility in its consumption, such as you can smoke or eat it in food, one doesn’t have to worry much about the lung issues that would come with smoking.
Also, it seems that governments are wasting money trying to regulate and bust people for either smoking or growing marijuana, when it’s a fairly harmless plant. How much of the people’s tax dollars are dedicated to arresting pot smokers who are doing nothing more than smoking a joint and playing video games? Countless programs that could better benefit society have gotten their funding cut or bypassed completely in favor of prohibiting marijuana use and manufacturing. There would be a significant drop in the amount of people being incarcerated and law enforcement can put more focus on the crimes that need to be taken care of immediately instead of being postponed for jailing a pothead.
If that wasn’t crazy enough, you can also turn marijuana into usable products with hemp. You can make plastics, medication, paper, and more with hemp. It seems that if hemp became the big thing to use instead of paper, it would be more environmentally friendly and perhaps we could even save a few more trees. Could it be that corporations have a hand in regulating marijuana because it could put them out of business?
If marijuana was legalized, the government could benefit from the taxes from the sales, and it would also eliminate a drug for the cartels to take over. Drug cartels are making massive amounts of money from marijuana being illegal. Legalizing the plant would almost eliminate drug cartels as it would take away one of their biggest money makers. Instead of the money going into the pockets of people who are working illegal drug rings, the money could be going back into the government. People who were afraid of breaking the law would be more apt to giving marijuana a try, and honestly, people would probably chill out more. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much anger, anxiety, or pain anymore, and we can all finally hold hands and unite as the human race.
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