What Are Terpenes? | YourCBDpal talks Terpenoids | What is the entourage effect

What are terpenes? A common question asked by those looking at CBD oils and CBD eliquid. Terpenes, are an abbreviated name for Terpenoids. These Terpenes come from organic plant matter broken down once cultivated. They are oils derived from the stem, stalk, flower etc and there is over 20,000 of them in the plant world.

In the Cannabis and Hemp plant, there are a couple of hundred, with about a dozen common ones that we see mostly in full spectrum CBD oils and CBD eliquids. They are said to effect physiological improvements to the consumer, such as anti-fatigue, muscle recovery, anti-inflammatory and sleep aid.

YourCBDpal David, breaks down in this short video exactly what Terpenes are and what they mean to CBD users. If you have any questions on what they are, beyond what has been discussed, then drop us a message in the comments below. Or check us out over at CBDStar.co and fire us an email online.

We hope this video has been useful, and that’s ‘what are terpenes’.

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