WHY There Are Seeds In Your Bud & Can You GERMINATE THEM?

Why’s there seeds in your Cannabis nuggets? Is it a bad thing? Can you germinate them? How does this phenomenon reflect on quality of bud? Today on Lex’s world I answer ALL these questions. The seeds in your buds are known as ‘bagseeds’ and they are a symptom of either a female Cannabis plant getting pollinated or of a plant becoming a hermaphrodite (usually due to grower-induced stress), then being harvested. The seeds are perfectly safe to smoke and don’t need to be picked out; yeah, they crack & pop and whatnot, but that’s a minor problem. Having seeds in weed on its own also doesn’t NECESSARILY mean the weed is lower or higher quality. The reason for seed presence may be genetic or circumstantial in nature and can be found on excellent weed. However, *sometimes* having seeds in the weed is a bad reflection on the grower because to cause a plant to hermaphrodite, you must usually put it under stress and that normally happens as a result of a mistake, not on purpose.

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