How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds easier

How to germinate Cannabis Seeds successfully.
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In a Nutshell:
1. Put 1 seed into each wet peat pellet.
2. Put the pellets into the little green house
3. Put the greenhouse into a warm(ish) spot (65-80F, 18-27C)
If colder, germination will take longer but it’ll still work. If much warmer the plants may become weak.
4. It will take 3 days for strong seeds to pop but can take up to 8 days for slow ones.
5. Never let the peat pellets dry out, that could kill the sprouting seeds. That’s why we use the greenhouse with the lid, that will keep the moisture inside.
It doesn’t matter if you keep the greenhouse in a dark or lit spot BUT as soon as you see them popping out of the soil they MUST have good light. They will also need air.

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