Wake & Bake America 751 Enails, Dabbing, & Medical Marijuana For Veterans

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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out & Waking And Baking And Talking About Enails And How They Really Might Be The Best Way To Experience Concentrates At Their Full Potential, Flavor, And Potency Especially From Our Friends Over at www.bee-nails.com, What It Is Like For Some Older People To Rediscover Weed Later In Life And How Some People Had To Quit For Their 9-5 Jobs And Their Families And How Prohibition Falling Down Is Helping Them Rediscover This Awesome Plant, The Push For The Rescheduling Of Cannabis So It Can Be Used To Help Treat PTSD In Veterans And Anyone Suffering From That Mental Illness And The Opstacles That Are In Their Way With This Fight And More On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America

Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBibKvSkPrk

-8oz https://goo.gl/PCrSWH
-16oz https://goo.gl/MlurOH
-5lb https://goo.gl/oLNNeA

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