Canada is Selling Moldy Weed? – (Weedtube Wake & Bake – Episode #1)

This was a series that i’ve been incredibly excited to bring back since the old channel was taken down, as this is one of my favorites to film & I love the information we’re able to spread with each other on these topics!

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[Links for Stories Covered]:
Don’t Dab in NYC – ( loophole-can-get-you-busted-for-weed-in-nyc)

Ween’s got the Weed – ( ween/)

Legalization of Weed in the US – ( 2018/11/21/nj-legal-weed-lawmakers-unveil-new-legalization-bills-monday-vote/ 2077813002/ -)
( dispensaries-report-over-4/)

Mold in Canadian Weed – ( found-mould-on-their-weed-and-are-warning-ontarians-to-check-their-orders)

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