Seed Banks That Ship To The US: What to Expect and How To Use Them

This video is all about my experience with a seed bank and how to use this seed bank. I also show what to expect in your package from the company. Seed banks are a great way to reach genetics that are not local for us to get, such as many European strains but also those sought after Californian strains that are all in one place to ship to you in one order. Seed banks are a great tool to add to your arsenal as well as clones.

If you haven’t started growing, but you want to, check out my essentials for starting a grow!!!

Essentials video:


Original Sensible Seeds:
Attitude Seeds:
Herbies Seeds:

DJ Quads: Wings

My Equipment:

My Camera:
Grow Tent:
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Carbon Filter and Fan:
Grow Bags:
Infrared Heater for Winter:
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