Hemp CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – You Have to Know the Difference!

Hemp CBD oil vs Hemp Seed oil – What’s the Difference?
There’s a big difference between Hemp CBD oil and Hemp Seed Oil.
A lot of people seem to be confused about this because the term “Hemp Oil” is used for both.
Hemp SEED Oil is produced from Hemp Seeds being cold pressed. It’s usually sold in bigger bottles and has no cannabinoids.
Hemp CBD oil is produced by extraction of Hemp Flowers. It’s usually sold in tincture size bottles and the most important part of the Hemp CBD oil is: it is super rich with cannabinoids!
So don’t get fooled. When you are offered “Hemp Oil”,.. Make sure you ask if that’s Hemp Seed oil or Hemp CBD oil,.. Also, ask two other important questions:
1) Exactly how much CBD does it contain
2) Is that the so-called Full Spectrum CBD oil or not

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