Germinating Cannabis Seeds for Recirculating Deep Water Culture

After some miscues with germinating cannabis seeds directly in Rapid Rooter seed starting plugs I decided to switch up my the methodology in which I germinate.

Germination Method:

– Soak seeds in a cup of purified or distilled water for roughly 30 hours. By 30 hours the seed should have split open and a small white taproot will become visible. If the seed has not opened you can allow the seed to stay in the water for up to 48 hours, however, leaving the seeds in water longer than 2-3 days can risk drowning of seeds.

– Once the seed has cracked and the white taproot is visible, the entire cup of water with the opened seeds in it should be poured over a few folded paper towels into a lidded container. Excess moisture must be removed as you do not want the seeds to be sitting in a puddle of water. Make sure that the paper towels stay moist but not completely soaking wet. Close up the container and place it in a warm dark place. I usually wrap the container in a black bag and place it on a heating mat. If the seed is already showing a taproot when placed in the container then it should take only another 24 hours for the taproot to grow to 1 cm long and become ready for transplant.

– Using tweezers, gently grab the seed with the taproot hanging out making sure to never touch the actual root. I grab the seed & taproot which now look like a sperm and transplant then into my growing medium with the tail facing down. Personally I use rooting plugs which get cut open to make transplant easier and then cover the top hole by a tiny piece of the Rooter plug.

– Once the sperm looking seed & tail are transplanted into the plugs they will then break the surface between 12 – 24 hours.

***Since moving to this method of seed germination I have had a 100% Germination rate!!!

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