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I’m so excited to finally share this tutorial on how to use the oil cleansing method for healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. The OCM uses natural oil to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. It soothes skin, removes makeup (even waterproof!), helps eliminate acne, fade scarring, and prevents aging. This is something I have been doing for over three years. I have tested others skincare products in between, but always returned to oil cleansing. With OCM, you do not need an additional cleanser! The oil is very efficient at cleansing and you will be left with soft, glowing, CLEAN skin. It works better on my skin than any skincare product I have used and is also less abrasive and less irritating than products targeted for acne (which I have struggled with for years). I have extremely sensitive skin and have found that products with acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc. actually create more inflammation and cause more breakouts for me.

It might seem unusual to use oil as a skincare solution, especially if you have oily skin, but it is extremely effective and has never caused breakouts for me. It’s also 100% NATURAL so there are no chemicals, parabens, preservatives, or other ingredients that are potentially damaging to skin. I would highly recommend the OCM to anyone, with any skin type, especially if you have tried countless products before that are not addressing your skin’s needs.


There are many good options and I recommend experimenting a bit if you are new to OCM. You may also do well with oils that aren’t listed below. Here is a little guide of what I recommend based on skin type and my own findings:

Jojoba oil – Suitable for most skin types. Jojoba oil is a good place to start if you are just getting into OCM. Available here:

Avocado oil – Perfect for extremely dry, sensitive skin or skin with dry patches. Suitable for skin that is prone to acne or rosacea. I like Now Foods brand because it seems to absorb in the skin better than other brands I have tried. Available here:

Grapeseed oil – Suitable for most skin types but excellent for oily skin or combination skin & skin that is prone to excess oil or breakouts in your T-zone area. Available here:

Apricot kernel oil – Suitable for most skin types but particularly good for extremely oily skin. Another neutral, light oil that absorbs well and doesn’t leave greasy residue. Available here:


Coconut oil – Beneficial for use on the body and hair, but highly comedogenic and highly greasy. Avoid!

Castor oil – Very drying and seems to cause breakouts despite being low on the comedogenic scale.

Olive oil – Sits on the skin and doesn’t seem to absorb as readily as other oils.


1. Gather your materials. You will need a natural oil of your choice, a cotton washcloth, a cotton towel, and hot water. I highly recommend doing this in the shower or over your bathroom sink. In this video I used a bowl of hot water for instructional purposes, but I always do this in the shower or over my bathroom sink. You will also get the added benefited of additional steam from the shower.
2. Apply 5-6 drops of oil to your hands and rub between fingertips.
3. Apply oil to face using your fingertips. Use circular motions over your eyes and around your eye area to remove eye makeup. This will not sting or burn your eyes and can be applied directly over closed eyes.
4. Soak your washcloth in hot water and squeeze excess water out. The water should be hot but not hot enough to burn your skin.
5. Steam your face by holding the washcloth on top of your face and gently pressing for 5-10 seconds
6. Use the washcloth to gentle remove oil, makeup, dirt, and other impurities. I use gentle rubbing motions and light scrubbing around my eyebrows and lips to remove dead skin. The texture of your washcloth will naturally exfoliate your face.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 again. You do not need to add additional oil. Your skin should feel much cleaner at this point and not greasy. If not, repeat steps 4-6 once more.
8. Rinse washcloth and soak once more with hot water. Lightly steam face and dab any remaining oil away if necessary.
9. Dry face by patting with cotton towel.
10. Apply 2-3 drops of oil between fingertips and massage into skin, including eye area and lips. Oil will start to absorb within minutes. You do NOT need to remove this oil.
11. Enjoy beautiful, radiant, ageless skin!!!!!!

I oil cleanse every night before bed and have found this works best. I go to sleep with hydrated skin and wake up with soft, glowing skin. With oil cleansing, your skin may go through an initial detox period, but stick with it! The oil itself should not cause breakouts if you are selecting the right one for your skin type.

Kai Engel – Headway

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