The “Entourage Effect”

The Entourage Effect explains how a natural medicine is most effective in its complete state without removing or changing components through excessive processing.
Now Available CANNABIS CONCEPTS: A Guide to Making and Using Cannabis Oil at Home.

This 42 page color guide answers all questions asked on The Wild Weed Channel. It covers the why behind the how of making, using, dosing, buying, and testing cannabis products.

Topics include:
Parts of a Cannabis Plant
What is Cannabis? Hemp? Marijuana?
Choosing a Strain to Grow
Cannabinoid Profile (Chemotype)
What is Decarboxylation? Why?
How Cannabinoids Change in a Plant Over Time
Methods of Extraction (Solvent, Infusion, Hash, Kief, Rosin)
Tips and Tricks
How to Use Cannabis (Methods of Delivery)
Dosing (Epilepsy and Cancer considerations)
Testing at Home
Comparing Different Results
Purchasing Cannabis
Ordering CBD or Hemp Oil Online

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