How To Do Oil Cleansing ♥ And How To Pick the Best Oil for Your Skin

In this video I go over how I use oil cleansing to remove makeup without nasty, harsh chemicals, and soothe and deep clean my skin when it’s acting up. I also go over what types of oils are good for which skin types, from sensitive and dry, to oily or mature skin.

Wikipedia is actually a fantastic resource for more in-depth information about these specific oils. If you are pregnant or nursing I do recommend you consult with your physician or midwife before using these oils (or any product, really) because some of them have a high vitamin A content.

For those of you wondering about essential oils:
I do not use essential oils in these blends, or any blend intended for daily facial use, and I recommend this resource for essential oil safety:
PLEASE do not be duped by MLM structure essential oil companies into not protecting yourself from the harmful side-effects of incorrect essential oil use.

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